About our visa

Hi Jasy, this is Taiga. This is my third letter. Today I wanna talk about ” visa.” right now. I came to NZ 2013, as a working holiday maker.And I started to work at Kohan Japanese Restaurant, and then shift to work visa as a chef. Since then, it’s been like 6 years now. I’m still on the way to get the residence, but not yet.

First of all, I know that talking about immigration policy is a very sensitive topic. It’s not simple, but on the other hand, this country is supported by the  immigrants. ( If we go back to the 18 century, even English people were still immigrant, I guess,) Anyway today, I wanna talk about immigration and visa, about my situation and my opinion. Before I start, I want to tell you that all information I’ve got is based on the Internet and it’s not 100% correct I suppose. So just please listen as just one opinion.

Firstly, I wanna explain the disadvantage of work visa.

1. We can’t choose a job( can’t start business)

2.We can’t buy a house

3. We can’t borrow the money from the Bank to make some business

Since 2016, the immigration law is reformed. They’re taking the point system and it was raised up 140 to 160. Maybe most of the citizen living  in the NZ, they don’t know how hard it is to get 10 point. I can understand that because when I was in Japan I never cared about foreign workers, and how Japanese government dealt with them. So now, I’m the foreigner here.

To get 10 points, we have to work 2 years in the same field.( To get 20 point, you have to work 4 years!!) and further more, they changed to set up the law about English test. They demand the result of English test IELTS score 6.5. It’s almost the same level as entering the Uni or college. How can I get that English skill during making huge amount of sushi or teriyaki chicken everyday? Why do I have to study about paleontolist and fossils of a dinosaurs, in spite of I’m working at kitchen 40 hours a week and serving more than 400 customers per day?

There is one more question. Why are you using IELTS in NZ? They use British English in the text book, and using pound.

I suggest that ” if the test was all made with Kiwi English”, and all about New Zealand culture, it would be much more meaningful after taking test. Anyway I wanna remark about IELTS in another day.

Back to the topic, I wish all immigration officer choose people judging by how their personalities, for instance molarity, or their behaviour, or kindness, royalty. However these things is so obscure so just forget this time. And let’s talk about money.

As I grow up, I found most of the systems in capitalism such as nation, government, company, schools, in any field, they are standing based on the money. And of course, immigration policy is not exceptional. Straightforward to say, the government is asking us

” How much money do you have?” or ” How much money can you make?” and it’s equal to say ” How much tax can you pay?”

So from this point of view, I think it’s not negative expression. Everybody knows money is quite important nowadays.( Even Roman church sell the indulgence in Medieval europe time)

This is my amateur opinion so you don’t have to pay attention about this, but you can get only $10000~20000 for granting the visa. If I can start the business and going well, I can pay you more than that. Ok  before I finish today’s letter, let me make it straight.

I want to live NZ rest of my life, and I’ve got a family here, and now I need to buy a house. But now, house is very expensive, so I have to make a money. But I can’t make a big money to buy a house because there is restriction by visa. I can’t take a chance and risk. I wanna bet my life while I’m young and my body can work well. Otherwise you have to pay superannuation for me to take care before I make more money.

I want to talk about this more, but there is no space anymore so see you next time.




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