Dear Prime Minister of New Zealand

First of all, I wanna say this is my English practice to write a letter. I know you’re strong, kind, young and beautiful. But please don’t worry, this is not the love letter or neither complaint letter about your politics.(Actually I’m not familiar with the politics) So please relax and enjoy the conversation between us like as a just friend.

My English is still like a primary school student kids level, so please be patient about that.

Ok, first, let me introduce myself because I know you very much, but maybe you don’t know me of course.

My name is Taiga , and from Japan. I’ve been in NZ for 7years now, (quite long time, ha?)

My history in NZ is very simple. first 2weeks I stayed in Auckland in December 2013.Then I found a job of Japanese restaurant in Lake Tekapo. Since then, I’ve stayed all time in Tekapo and serving Japanese cuisine to the customers. Of course for locals and plenty of customers from overseas.

The Restaurant name is “Kohan.” Have you ever heard of this name? I would say, Kohan is the most biggest scale Japanese restaurant in south island of NZ, or might be in whole NZ.At the highest season, we accept around 300customers in the lunch time, and around another 300 customers at dinner time.

Our most famous product in menu is called “Salmon-don” If you eat raw fish sashimi, I think you would like it.

By the way, we’ve got unprecedented circumstance by Covid-19. I hope everybody living in  NZ gets well and recover everything soon. I’m very appreciated with your action, that was really quick and thoughtful.(I wanted to show this to Japanese politicians)

Anyway, let me back to introducing myself. My name is Taiga(means big river in Japanese)But everybody think my name is Tiger. So you can call me either way. I’m 34 years old now, and thankfully  I could meet my wife in Tekapo, and got married. and we’ve got a baby last December. I’m happy to live here with my family. With my wife, baby, and two cats.(Kojiro & Skura)

Me and my wife really love Tekapo, and NZ. I strongly wanna say we want to live and stay in NZ through our life. And there’re so so many things we want to try here in NZ in the future.

So by this channel, I just want to share with you what I feel, and what I wanna do in NZ




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