My baby was born with ” Microtia”

Hi, this is Taiga. I’m writing today’s letter. And I thought “Jacinda” is quite long name for me, so I decided to call you ” Jasy,” ok?

So Jasy, today I want to talk about why I’m doing this You Tube channel. The answer is very simple

. ” For my baby”

Ok, I’ll explain step by step.

Just yesterday , I told you we’ve got baby in last December. My wife gave birth at Timaru hospital. Maybe I will never forget that day. After her water brake, we stayed one night at hospital. And she was fighting with labor pain all night. And at last, midwife noticed my baby’s face was up, (actually down) so she push the emergency botton, and in a few second, many doctors and nurses came into the room and they operate a Caesarean section. It seemed like a watching TV drama or movie. It was like a dream, I couldn’t feel the reality until I hold my baby.

He was really tiny, and he was only 2200g at that time.(Now he is more than 6kg) Having through this experience, I’ve felt great gratitude to the doctors, and nurse and midwife. Without them, my wife and baby was not safe.

And I found remarkable point was all services in hospital, such as meeting with midwife, any cost related to giving birth was free. NZ nation cover these expenses. Even though we are not residence yet. ( Our visa status is working visa, and I want to talk about visa stuff next time.)

Anyway, during staying in the hospital I couldn’t enough appreciate to them, and NZ. I decided to make best effort to support this nation, like paying tax for instance.

But here is one more story I wanna tell you about my baby. As I said, he was born with really tiny weight and only one side ear. It means, his left ear wasn’t shaped properly. Doctors told me this symptom called ” Microtia.” His left side of ear was totally covered with his skin.

After a while, we went to audiology department and had some MRI test. Fortunately his inside of ear was formed properly, but they said it’s not sure it would be fixed perfectly or not.

Since facing these events, I’ve contemplated many things. I’ve never thought seriously or share the feelings with people who is struggling with disabilities. I’ve never thought about how many babies come to this world with high risks.

I remember the quote from bible that Jesus said ” It’s not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick.” I lived so long with ignorance because I only cared about myself, my body, and my feelings. It was all about me. But now, I want to start something to do for my baby’s ear, and want to start to open my eyes to see all lives in this world.

It was a little bit exaggerated expression, but I really felt that.

Let me summarise today’s topic. First, I want to keep returning what I’ve got, my gratitude to this country, and secondly I want to fix my baby’s ear so I need someone’s support to achieve this. and third, I want to share any information with people who’re thinking about medical stuff. That’s why I’ve started this You Tube channel.




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